Top Places To Visit in Jodhpur

top places to visit in jodhpur

Discover and Explore The Top Places in Jodhpur  Rajasthan has a wide mix of top places to visit in jodhpur. Discover Jodhpur, the fascinating “Blue City” of Rajasthan. Get lost in yourself in its fascinating past, thriving culture, and architectural wonders. Discover Mehrangarh Fort, witness take in the stunning views, and explore its fascinating museums. […]

Wedding and the Most Fashionable Things


As the Dev Uthani Gyaras close to winter season approaches the Indians begin to plan for wedding of young marriageable members of their family. Not only Hindus but people of all religions in India are crazy of making the marriages a lifetime event. Months before the date is fixed and till the date of the […]

Lac Bangles and Chura: Most Popular Bangles

lac leheriya bangles

Lac Bangles & Chura (लाख की चूड़ियाँ और चूड़ा ) A brief about lac material, its history and the jewellery made out of it: Came to Existence: Lac bangles and Chura are fascinating millennial generation as they bring bright colours and lustre. Also, they give a traditional touch for women to go for ethnic collections […]

Wedding, Once In a Life Time Event For Bride and Groom

bride look

“Wedding is the most colourful event in an individual’s life and one celebrates it in an extraordinarily unique way.” Indian weddings are different from any wedding as they have colourful occasions with deeply rooted traditions. An Indian marriage is cooler as many things are happening from dancing and singing to decoration and food. Every Indian […]

Rajputi Jewellery 10 Best Ornaments in the Market


Rajputi Jewellery 10 Best Ornaments in the Market Rajputi jewelry is exotic and a perfect mixture of old and modern style statements of fashion. Rajasthan is known for its culture, dunes, endless deserts, palaces, forts, delicious food, and most of its Rajputi jewelry attire collection. Various rulers and royal personalities have brought artistic work on […]

Jewellery & Most Famous Types of Jewellery

Jadtar Bangles

“Jewellery is all about fashion and style that reflects social status and ethnicity.” India is such a diverse nation having various types of traditions and customs. We can see tradition in food, art and jewellery according to religion. In our country, there are different types of ornaments that have been deeply rooted in its culture.  […]

Pachi Kundan Jewellery 10 Most Famous Items In Indian Fashion


Pachi Kundan jewellery and jewellery set with unique style is affordable and trustworthy buying online worldwide. Explore unique pachi kundan jewellery and sets with the latest designs that are trendy at a reasonable cost. Nowadays Paachi jewelry is in trend. Let’s search for watrisymeto. One can Buy Pachi Kundan Jewellery Online from our Store. If […]

Punjabi Bride Jewellery 10 Most Beautiful Items

Punjabi neckset

“Punjabi bride jewellery makes a classic statement to make it prettier with the comeback of trendy jewel design.”  In Indian wedding jewellery is the most integral part and so Punjabi bride jewellery has its own significance. Each jewellery carried by a Punjabi bride is designed in a unique way to give a special touch to […]