Elvish Accused of Snake Smuggling

Elvish Accused for Snake Smuggling case

Bigg Boss Elvish Yadav Used to invite foreign girls and organize rave parties, 5 smugglers were arrested with 20 ml of poison. On Friday, YouTuber Elvish Yadav snake case, known for his distinctive content, found himself in a legal quagmire when the Noida Police charged him with the alleged use of snake venom at rave […]

Top Places To Visit in Jodhpur

top places to visit in jodhpur

Discover and Explore The Top Places in Jodhpur  Rajasthan has a wide mix of top places to visit in jodhpur. Discover Jodhpur, the fascinating “Blue City” of Rajasthan. Get lost in yourself in its fascinating past, thriving culture, and architectural wonders. Discover Mehrangarh Fort, witness take in the stunning views, and explore its fascinating museums. […]