Traditional Winter Foods in India: It’s Delicious

Indian Traditional Winter foods and deserts-trendingf

As the chilly winds embrace the Indian subcontinent, the vibrant aromas of traditional winter foods waft through every household, marking the beginning of a season filled with warmth and indulgence.  From the robust flavors of Sarson da Saag and Makki di Roti to the sweet delights of Gajar ka Halwa, the culinary landscape of India […]

Is icecream healthy? Everything you need to know


What is ice-cream? Icecream is a sweetened frozen food typically made from dairy products such as milk and cream, with or without fruit. It is often eaten as an accompaniment to dessert. They are mostly consumed in the summer season to beat the heat, however, people also love to eat them in other seasons. They […]

Dry Fruits: Dried But Are With Amazing Health Benefits


What Products Are Dry Fruits? Dry fruits are fruits that have been dried in the sun or in a dehydrator. This process removes the water from the fruit, leaving behind a chewy, flavorful snack. Some of the most popular dry fruits include raisins, apricots, figs, and dates. Dry fruits continue to be in trend throughout […]

Best Cooling Drinks of 2023 to Keep You Healthy

Cooling drinks

What are Cooling Drinks? Cooling drinks are summer coolant that help to cool the body down. They are often consumed in the hot weather time to help beat the heat. Some trending and popular cooling drinks include iced tea, lemonade, and fruit juices. Chrysanthemum tea is a summer coolant that helps bring down fever symptoms. […]