Hania Aamir The Most Adorable Pakistani Actress

Hania Aamir
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I. Hania Aamir Biography

Hania Aamir Pakisthan Best Actress

Hania Aamir, born on February 12, 1997, in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, is a vibrant film actress and model who has swiftly risen to stardom. 

She began her excursion with her most memorable job in the 2016 film “Janaan.” This critical second procured her a treasured spot in the hearts of various fans. As she favored the screens, it became clear that her acting skills were uncommon. 

Hania Aamir New Pic

This splendor stretched out to cherished television dramatizations like “Ishqiya” and “Anaa,” where she easily embraced a scope of jobs.

Her practical foundation and enthralling style sense make Hania significantly more unique. Her dynamic commitment via web-based entertainment stages has additionally fortified her bond with fans, permitting her to easily associate.

Hania’s move to popularity remains a verification of her decent devotion to her specialty. Her appeal and wonderful flexibility have carved her as the dearest figure in Pakistani diversion. As she keeps sparkling on-screen and in the public eye, Hania’s process is a moving story for hopeful gifts in the business. Her story is one of ability.

Hania Aamir Pic On Instagram

II. Hania Aamir Age

Hania Aamir Image Mere Humsafar in pink suit
Date Of BirthdayState & Country
12 February 1997Rawalpindi, Pakistan

III. Hania Aamir Family

most adorable Hania Aamir with her mother and sister

Hania Aamir, hailing from Punjab’s heart, is no stranger to crossing borders – she frequently embarks on journeys to Karachi, Sindh, for her work commitments. While her roots anchor her to Punjab, her career pulls her to the vibrant city of Karachi. Interestingly, her father’s origins trace back to the enchanting landscapes of Murree, and in her features, you can catch a glimpse of his reflection.

Hania’s life took its journey against a ground of challenges. Her parents’ separation during her childhood years led her to find comfort in her mother’s loving embrace, accompanied by her sister. But life had a different plan. When the call of the entertainment industry beckoned, her decision to become a model and actress was met with a cascade of hurdles, challenging her resolve and strength.

In the realm of glitz and glam, Hania’s family stands as her unwavering support. While little, they assume a huge part in her life’s story.

 As we investigate her internet-based exercises inside the diversion circle, it’s obvious the way in which significant her family is to her. 

Their consistent and unfaltering help radiates through as she explores the complicated pathways of her industry process.

Hania Aamir Family

Inside the bounds of a minimized family, Hania’s process turns into an account of yearning and development. From her Punjab starting points to her regular goes to Karachi, from the obstacles she’s experienced to her victories, her story turns into a demonstration of the force of family and individual assurance. Hania’s mother said that Hania Amir likes to mehndi on their hands.

IV. Hania Amir Clothing Brand

Hania Amir Clothing Brand

Hania promotes clothing brand for Aamir Sanaullah store and Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of his own clothes.

V. Hania Aamir’s Husband 

Asim Azhar Proimage

Hania Aamir is not married according to the news of Hania or Aseem Azhar’s love affair.

Hania Amir Pic With Husband

VI. Hania Aamir TV Shows

Hania Aamir did great acting in these TV shows.

TV ShowsYears
Mere Humsafar2021
Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha2022
Siyaah Series2023
  • Ishqiya
Ishqiya TV Shows
  • Mere Humsafar
Mere Humsafar TV Shows
  • Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha
Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha TV Shows

Haniya Aamir’s most liked TV show Mujhe Pyar Hua Tha, this TV show was liked by the people very much.

  • Siyaah Series
Siyaah TV Shows

VII. Hania Aamir Movies

Hania Amir, a rising sensation in the Pakistani diversion domain, has really left her imprint through her jobs in different films. 

Parwaaz Hai Junoon Movies

Her acting gifts joined with her rational presence, have hit home for crowds. A champion in her filmography is “Parwaaz Hai Junoon,” a convincing story based on the Pakistan Flying Corps.

 Here, Hania exemplifies a decided person who valiantly explores the difficulties inside the male-overwhelmed circle of flight.

 One more gem in her assortment is “Janaan,” an endearing lighthearted comedy that perfectly exhibits Hania’s flexibility as an entertainer.

Janaan Movies

 In any case, she doesn’t stop there – in “Na Maloom Afraad 2,” she consistently adds a bit of humor to her collection, demonstrating her style for comedic jobs.

 These exhibitions haven’t recently collected commendation; they’ve constructed a committed fan base. 

As Hania keeps on cutting her way into business, her acting ability and attractive screen presence keep on causing disturbances in the Pakistani film scene.

Na Maloom Afraad 2 Movies

 With each new pursuit, she imbues another blast of energy and mastery, arranging her as a name to be managed in the space of redirection.

 Whether through show, sentiment, or satire, Hania’s charming exhibitions guarantee she stays a star on the ascent.

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