69th National Film Awards 2023 List Of Winners

National Film Awards 2023

I. 69th National Film Awards The 69th National Film Awards 2023 winners were announced at the National Media Center in New Delhi. These capabilities hold an essential spot in Indian movies and shine a light on the talented individuals who have made an extremely strong drawing on the country’s redirection world. Considered a regarded partition […]

Alia Bhatt Saree Photos

Alia Bhatt Saree Photos

Today’s blog Alia Bhatt saree photos and her collection have been told in this blog. In every film of Alia, the design of Alia’s saree is very beautiful and good. Alia Bhatt Saree Designs Alia Bhatt photos always keep her saree look updated. Her collection is always new and she wears Manish Malhotra-designed clothes and […]

<strong>Shaheen Bhatt & Alia Bhatt, The Bhatt’s Legacy</strong>

Alia bhatt wedding photo with his sister shaheen bhatt

I. Alia’s Most Adorable Sister Shaheen Bhatt Bio: In the glitz and glamour of Bollywood, a new star has been making her mark with her talent and versatility. Shaheen Bhatt, the daughter of renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and sister of popular actress Alia Bhatt, is carving her own path in the film industry.  Shaheen Bhatt […]